The obligation to wear masks in the open air in Italy will be lifted from June 28

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Minister Speranza, in his message on his Twitter account in the evening, “In accordance with the precautionary measures determined by the Scientific and Technical Committee of the coronavirus, we exceed the obligation to wear masks outside in white category areas (low risk) from June 28. “used the sentences.

The obligation to wear a mask in the open air, which has been debated for some time in the country, has recently become a subject of public debate by certain political parties, partners in power.

In Italy, where the number of daily cases of the epidemic has decreased to less than 1,000 and the number of daily deaths to less than 50 during the last period, the Scientific and Technical Council of the coronavirus, on the instruction of the Minister of Health Speranza, assessed the need for outdoor masks.

In Italy, the country where the Kovid-19 epidemic was the first and hardest hit among Western countries, the requirement to wear masks in the open air was abolished in the summer of last year, with the decrease in the number of cases, and the use of masks in open areas was again made compulsory in the fall with the increase in daily cases.

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