The Pentagon’s secret army on display

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The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) is on the agenda with a very talkative assertion.

It has been alleged that the Pentagon has set up a secret army for missions that include social media manipulation.


The complaint came from Newsweek. According to the information in question, the presence of the “secret army” is 60,000 people. It is 10 times the secret division of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).


According to reports that Newsweek is basing its name on non-military sources, this situation makes the said structure “the greatest secret power the world has ever seen.”

The fastest growing Pentagon Secret Army group is used for online activity.

These “cyber warriors” work primarily to gather intelligence on the Internet and use false identities.

It is also among the allegations that this unit participated in campaigns to influence and manipulate social media.

It is also reported that Ryan Fogle, who was on the agenda for some time, was also in the Secret Army and had attempted to recruit a “double agent” in Russia.

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Fogle was arrested in Russia while working at the US Embassy, ​​and then questioned by the Russian Federal Security Service.


About $ 1 billion (roughly Turkish Lira 8.4 billion) is spent annually to fund the Pentagon’s Secret Army.

130 private companies and dozens of little-known and secret government agencies are used to support their operations.

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