The place is China again … Is the nightmare back? The incubation period of the virus has been extended!

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Access control has started to be implemented in settlements in the city of Putien in Fucien province, where new types of locally sourced coronavirus (Kovid-19) cases are seen in China.

According to information from the Global Times newspaper, it was decided to conduct a nucleic acid test on all citizens in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Access to all agglomerations connected to the city will be controlled for 24 hours, while the temperature of people entering and leaving will be measured and their state of health will be monitored.

Those who do not respect the epidemic measures will not be allowed to enter the settlements, while those who break the rules will be penalized.

In the statement made by the city administration, it was stated that the number of cases of local origin, which first appeared last week, has reached 85 so far, and 21 carriers have been detected, including 64 show symptoms of the disease, while 21 carriers show no symptoms.

The district of Fengting, where the first cases appeared, was declared “high risk zone”, while the 3 surrounding villages were declared “medium risk zones”.

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In DNA analysis performed on patient and carrier samples, it was understood that most cases were affected by the highly contagious Delta variant of Kovid-19.

Local cases were first observed among students at a school in Xianyou County and workers at a shoe factory. Nucleic acid tests were administered to all citizens of the Fengting subprovince and surrounding villages, where the cases occurred.

The source of the cases is believed to be a middle-aged man returning from Singapore in early August. The fact that the person, who was said to have been in quarantine for 14 days upon his return to China and all of his tests were negative, was infected more than a month later, raising concerns that the incubation period of the virus has passed 14 days.


On the other hand, it was reported that 33 cases related to the epidemic in Putien were detected in the last 2 days in the port city of Şiamen, which is the popular tourist center of Fucien province.

While neighborhoods where the cases were seen in the city have been quarantined, gyms and entertainment centers have been closed, all group activities, including sightseeing, have been temporarily banned.

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Bus services from Şiamen to other towns in the province have been suspended.

Apart from Putien and Shiamen, only cases linked to the epidemic have been found in the city of Chuancou, while no cases have yet been observed outside the province.

The place is China again ... Is the nightmare back? The virus has a longer incubation period

Internet search engine Baidu’s inland travel map shows that between August 8 and September 11, about 30,000 people traveled from Fucien to other states.

Authorities predict that it will not be possible to control the epidemic until the Mid-Autumn Festival, which begins on September 21, but until October 1, which is celebrated as the anniversary of the founding of the Republic. people of China.

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