The prosecutor’s office announced… Worst scenario for Trump!

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The expected statement came from the New York Attorney General’s office, which has been investigating Donald Trump’s pre-presidential trade relationship for more than 2 years.

According to information released by CNN International, the New York attorney general’s office has announced that the “ Trump organization ” is under criminal investigation.

The evidence that led to the investigation being translated as “criminal” is not yet known.

British broadcaster BBC met Fabien Levy, spokesperson for Chief State Prosecutor Letitia James, and asked him this question.

However, he got the following answer; “ We are criminally investigating the Trump organization. We have no further comments.


Trump’s side denies the accusations and says this stage of the accusation is political.

Trump side says Democratic prosecutor’s investigation ‘political vendetta’, BBC reports

It was known that in March 2019, James had conducted a forensic investigation into allegations that Trump inflated the value of their assets for banks and took steps to lower their taxes while applying for loans.

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