The Putin-Biden conflict continues! The amount of charges has increased

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, St. Petersburg Economic Forum, he again took first place on the global agenda. While stressing that politicians got involved in handling the coronavirus epidemic by laying serious charges in the United States and Europe, Putin accused the European Union of putting people’s lives in danger.

In his speech, Putin also referred to US sanctions and the trade management of resources such as natural gas and oil, accusing the US of turning the dollar currency into an “economic weapon”. On the other hand, the Russian leader, who has not neglected to send a positive message to US President Biden, added that he “was looking for ways to strengthen our ties with Biden”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stressed that millions of people around the world do not have access to vaccines against the coronavirus, and said that programs to assist poor countries with vaccines are insufficient. The Russian leader said that the fact that the Sputnik V vaccine has still not been approved by Europe is purely economic competition, which puts people’s lives at risk.

Stating that Europe is “fighting for money” and raising suspicion about the Russian vaccine, Putin noted that unlike some vaccines approved in these countries (European Union countries), there was not even There were no deaths among those who received the Sputnik V vaccine. Putin also conveyed the message that his country is increasing its vaccine production day by day and that it can open its doors to those who want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

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In his speech, Putin also referred to his relations with the United States, evaluating the American sanctions as a complete “mystery” and claiming that the United States was using the dollar, the currency, as a weapon for the economic and political war against the United States. Russia. Putin added that his country is considering using euros instead of dollars in buying and selling resources such as oil and natural gas.

Stating that the US sanctions were imposed due to regional competition policy and that it was a mystery, Putin once again stressed that he was ready to do anything to develop a good relationship with the US president. Joe Biden.

Breaking news: Putin-Biden rivalry continues Charges have grown in size

While expressing that the Russian economy is on the verge of reaching the pre-pandemic level of development, Putin repeated his message to the world at the Economic Forum that the Russian economy and unemployment rate are on. the point of returning to their pre-pandemic levels and strengthening themselves economically and morally.

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