The salient words of former Libyan Interior Minister Başağa: “Turkey should play a bigger role in the future of Libya”

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Başağa met members of the press, representatives of think tanks and academics at a hotel in Istanbul.

Stressing that Turkey’s role in Libya’s stability is huge, Başağa said Turkey should now continue this support.

Stressing that many countries did not support the legitimate government of Libya after the attacks by Khalifa Haftar, the leader of the illegitimate forces in the east of the country, Başağa said: “With the support and success of Turkey on the field, we defeated Haftar and saved Tripoli from death. ”the expression used.

Stating that Turkey should play a bigger role in Libya’s future, Başağa said, “Turkey’s presence in Libya has an important key role in ensuring stability. If serious stability is achieved in the country, it will be a big problem for Turkish companies in the reconstruction and construction of Libya. Opportunities will arise. The reinvestment of Turkish companies in the east will bring a very important return to both the Libyan people and Turkish investors.

Başağa, arguing that Turkey is only strong in the west of Libya, and that it should have the same effect by activating the communication channels in the east, said:

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“Turkey is currently west of Libya. We were able to protect Tripoli with the support of Turkey. But the Libyans have a blame for Turkey at this point. and establish a strong government in the country. “Turkey already has an important role in Libya. It can play a more playful role using the power it has.”

Başağa said Turkey should gather forces in eastern and western Libya under one roof and implement the plan to establish a regular army.

“With the opening of the airport, a climate of trust has developed between east and west. The Libyan people want Turkey to play an active role in both east and west so that this environment of trust does not deteriorate. Because there is a possibility that the atmosphere of trust that has started to form will again be threatened by armed militias or Haftar. “We want Turkey to deal with the whole country, not one particular region. In Libya. In addition, a strong government must be put in place to ensure stability in Libya. At this point, Turkey must take the lead. ‘initiative.

Başağa stressed that a stable government to be established in Libya should not be determined by the United Nations (UN) or any other international power, but by the Libyan people and through democratic elections.

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“Are you going to run for president?” On the matter, Başağa said that the legal process for the presidency has not yet started and that he will be a candidate when the process begins.

When asked if he would abide by the agreements in the areas of “Limitation of Maritime Jurisdiction” and “Security and Military Cooperation”, Başağa said: “I will respect the agreement and I will protect it”. gave the answer.

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