The smartwatch solved the murder: the detail to make your blood run cold!

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Britain mourns Caroline Crouch, 20, who was brutally murdered by her Greek husband. As the murder committed in recent days has retained its place on the country’s agenda, new details have emerged about the incident.

According to reports in the British newspaper Daily Mail, police have come to new conclusions on the murder by examining data from the smartwatch.

It turned out that Crouch was strangled in his sleep, contrary to what her husband had claimed.

Analyzing data from the unfortunate woman’s smartwatch, the coroner determined that Crouch was out of breath while she slept. The murderous husband, who is a Greek citizen, claimed he committed the murder in a moment of anger, as they were fighting.

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Recent findings have revealed that the murder was not committed out of anger, but in a planned manner. British media have written that Crouch’s family are planning to remove the wedding photo from the woman’s gravestone.

On the other hand, by examining Crouch’s diaries, police determined that the couple had been arguing fiercely for some time.

According to the same news, the Briton wrote while pregnant in December 2019;

“We fought again today. This time it was serious. I hit him and screamed. He also broke the door. I am thinking of breaking up with him.

Numerous protests took place in Greece and England after Crouch’s murder.

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