The step that made you give up: the Afghans who fell from the plane have become a t-shirt!

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Afghanistan, which came under Taliban control with the fall of the capital on Sunday, has been the world’s number one agenda for days.

Heartbreaking images have been arriving from various parts of the country for days. The most frightening of these were undoubtedly the images of Afghans, who boarded American planes in the hope of escaping the country, and died falling from a height of several meters afterwards. take off of planes.

These moments, recorded second after second, have fallen like a bomb on the world agenda. However, it seems those moments that broke the hearts of millions of people have turned into a source of income for some.

According to information from the New York Post, the t-shirt, which depicts the silhouettes of the unfortunate Afghans, was offered for sale via an online platform in the United States.

The t-shirt in question reads’ Accept Skydiving Club Est. 2021 ‘(Kabil Jumping Club created in 2021) is written.

The images, which spread in a short time, created outrage on social media, so to speak. The images in question have been shared by thousands of people, and there have been just as many comments.

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As thousands of users criticized the initiative, a call was made to the online shopping platform where t-shirts are offered for sale, to “stop this sale”.

NATO announced yesterday that 12 people had died at the Afghan airport in Kabul since Sunday, the day the Taliban entered the city.

A Taliban official said on Thursday the deaths were due to gunshot wounds or pushing, and had always urged people at the airport gates to return home if they were not allowed to travel.

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