The step that sparked Biden’s reaction as the world spoke about the Taliban

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The American public has been locked into developments in Afghanistan for weeks.

Despite the 20-year effort of the United States and the ten billion dollars spent, after the takeover of the country by the Taliban in 10 days, the arrows of criticism are directed at President Biden.

Although the Biden administration does not admit the charges, the fate of US state-of-the-art weapons, particularly in the hands of the Taliban, continues to be the number one agenda item in the country.

Amid all this political turmoil, a decision prompted Biden’s reaction. Visiting hurricane-stricken Louisiana, Biden decided to take a vacation.

According to information in the American press, he decided to spend at least part of the Labor Day weekend at his home in Delaware.

The New York Post newspaper broke the news to its readers with the headline “Biden goes to Delaware for long weekend amid Afghan crisis”.

The news of Biden’s isolation in his house quickly became a hot topic on social media. Some users criticized Biden’s decision, calling it “untimely.”

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Although the last US military plane took off from Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul on Monday, it is reported that dozens of US citizens are still stranded in the country.

The Republican wing of the Senate, on the other hand, accuses the Biden administration of not helping these people and of making room on evacuation planes for many Afghan civilians who do not have valid visas.

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