The Taliban have captured another city in Afghanistan!

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Hayatullah Vefa, deputy of the Baglan provincial council, said in a press statement that Taliban militants launched an attack on the central city of Baglan, Pul-i Humri, about a week ago.

Noting that as a result of the attack, the town of Pul-i Humri came under Taliban control, Vefa said security forces left the town.

The Taliban, meanwhile, claimed to have seized all public buildings in Pul-i Khumri.

Located on the main road connecting the north and northeast of the country to the capital Kabul, Baglan province has a population of approximately 750,000.

The center of Farah province in the west of the country also fell to the Taliban during the day.


After the decision of the United States to withdraw its military forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban, whose attacks have reached their climax, seize one after another the centers of the northern provinces which ensure the country’s link with the Central Asia.

According to the Doha agreement signed between the United States and the Taliban, the Taliban have declared that they will not attack the provincial centers before the latest NATO withdrawal date of September 11, 2021, and will are turned to provincial centers, citing the US Air Force. strikes.

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Over the past 5 days, the Taliban have taken a total of 8 provincial centers, one in the southwest, one in the west and five in the north and northeast of the country, from Afghan government forces.

The Afghan government still controls 26 of the 34 provincial centers.

One of the first acts of the Taliban in areas under their control is to release all prisoners in the prisons.

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