The Taliban seize the second provincial center in Afghanistan

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In the past 24 hours, the second provincial center in Afghanistan has come under Taliban control.

Officials said militants captured the town of Shibirgan, the center of the strategically important province of Juzcan in the north of the country.

Abdul Kadır Maliye, vice-governor of Juzcan, told Anadolu news agency that there has been a clash between militants and security forces in the town of Şibirgan for two days.

Stating that the Shibirgan center came under Taliban control in the afternoon following the clashes, Maliye said all public buildings are now in the hands of the militants.

Finance said security forces had withdrawn to the airport outside the city center.

Finance also pointed out that Hodja Dukuh, the last district of Juzcan province, was under Taliban control.

In a statement by the Taliban, it was claimed that they had complete dominance over the province of Juzcan and had seized a large number of weapons and ammunition.

More than half a million people, mostly Turkmens and Uzbek Turks, live in the town of Shibirgan, located on the border with Turkmenistan and known as the castle of former Afghan vice president Marshal Rashid Dostum .

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On the other hand, militants had captured the center of the Afghan province of Nimruz on the Iranian border.


Taliban militants have stepped up their attacks on centers in Badakhshan, Tahar and Kunduz provinces in the northeast of the country.

Police officials reported that militants’ attacks on the central towns of Talukan, Badakhshan, Faizabad and Tahar had been repelled.

Officials noted that the militants withdrew with heavy losses in the clashes.

On the other hand, in the statement made by Kunduz police officials, clashes continue between militants and security forces in central Kunduz province.

Badakhshan, one of the strategically located northeastern provinces, is located on the border of Tajikistan, Pakistan and China, while the provinces of Tahar and Kunduz border only with Tajikistan.


After the US decision to withdraw from Afghanistan and the Afghan administration’s unsuccessful peace talks with the Taliban, the Taliban’s attacks accelerated.

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The Taliban, after capturing dozens of districts in June, turned to the provincial centers they besieged.

Zaranc, the provincial center of Nimruz on the country’s border with Iran, became the first provincial center captured by the Taliban.

The provincial centers of Helmand in the south, Badakhshan, Tahar, Kunduz in the northeast and Herat in the west are also under heavy Taliban attacks.

The Taliban claim to control over 80% of Afghan territory.

The military activities of the United States, which occasionally supports the Afghan army with warplanes, will end at the end of the month.

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According to the UN, as more than a thousand civilians lost their lives in Taliban attacks and conflicts last month, the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission announced that around 1 million civilians were killed. been displaced from their homes between early May and August.

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