The toll is heavy in the disaster of the volcano of La Palma! “We were amazed, we will not forget”

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(AA-Photo: Abaca / Reuters) The Autonomous Administration of the Canary Islands is trying to find a solution to the housing problem of more than 5,700 people who have had to evacuate their homes due to the volcanic eruptions.

Announcing that it will buy 280 houses to help victims who are currently sleeping in gymnasiums, hotels, parents’ houses or cars, the Autonomous Government of the Canaries has announced that prefabricated houses will also be used and that the National Association credit unions (UNACC) agreed to transfer the property free of charge.

Government officials said lava from the volcano burned 400 homes in 5 days and called on the public to fully comply with the security measures taken.

On the other hand, according to information provided by the Department of National Security, it has been reported that the lava flow in the northernmost mouth of the volcano, which is at a stable level although it continues to enter erupting, stopped, while the lava flow slowed in the other vents.

It was said that after the lava from the volcano quickly flowed down the slope, 166 hectares of area were completely burned, 400 hectares of area were affected, and the height of the accumulated lava reached 15 meters in some places. .

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Experts said the lava spreading over the flat area was currently 2.5 kilometers from the sea, and it was possible for lava moving at a speed of 4 meters per hour in some places to reach not the sea.

It was also recalled that the volcano, which is in an intense eruption phase, could be active for 24 to 84 days.

On the other hand, the King of Spain Felipe VI and Queen Letizia visited La Palma today and met the authorities and injured citizens.

In a brief statement to the press, King Felipe VI said: “We were amazed at what we saw and we will not forget it. It will take a long time to get back to normal, but La Palma will do. help people here to rebuild their lives. We must do all we can to help. noted.

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