The tough times of an Afghan journalist: “Where is my president? she asked, bursting into tears live!

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As the whole world watches developments in Afghanistan in dread, the cries of Afghans who want to make their voices heard and their words on the situation in their country attract a great deal of attention in the media, especially on social networks.

Nazira Karimi is a journalist who moved to the US years ago, fleeing persecution from the Taliban. The question of the experienced journalist, reporter in the capital Washington, during the briefing organized by the Pentagon, and what he said in tears, came to the fore.

Nazira Karimi was a young journalist at the start of her career.

Karimi, whose family was tortured by the Taliban in the 1990s, has been broadcasting news from Washington for Afghan state television for 16 years. The words of the Afghan-born journalist, reflected in the television broadcasts, were broadcast on social media and watched by the world, and users sent numerous messages of support to Karimi.

During the briefing given by Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby, Nazira Karimi spoke by removing her mask with the Afghan flag from her face, removing the mask with the flag on her face and holding it in her hand, “This is the flag of my country, they took down my flag. Afghan women are very upset. None of us expected the Taliban to take over the country in a day. Mentioned.

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Tough moments of an Afghan journalist: he asked where my president is, he burst into tears live

The experienced reporter who broke down in tears said: “They hung their own flags. Everyone is so sad. Where is my president? Where is former President Ashraf Ghani now? ask the question.

Karimi continued her words that shocked the world:

“We don’t have a president, we don’t have anything. The Afghans do not know what to do. The women in Afghanistan had been very successful, I had been very successful. I fled the Taliban 20 years ago, and now we’re back to where we started. Where is Achraf Ghani? The Afghans must respond! ‘

Tough moments of an Afghan journalist: he asked where my president is, he burst into tears live

Karimi with her family, who fled Afghanistan years ago and settled in the United States

While Karimi’s words and the tears she shed made headlines around the world, they became one of the most shared social media agenda items.

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