The tour guide dragged him to death! Two young girls swimming in the water were attacked by crocodiles

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British twin sisters Melissa and Georgia Laurie, who love to travel the world and share the joyful poses they take while on vacation together, were unaware of the disaster that would befall them when they traveled to Mexico, which made them interested a lot …

While sisters Melissa and Georgia Laurie, 28, dreamed of their dream vacation in Mexico, she was attacked by a crocodile in the lake where the guide took them, knowing it was dangerous, and Melissa, who almost died and is currently in a coma, was attacked by a three-meter alligator.

According to The Guardian, Melissa and Georgia Laurie, 28, who live in Berkshire, England, went on vacation to Oaxaca, Mexico. The planktons of the lake they went to glowed at night, creating a magnificent view. However, there were very dangerous crocodiles in this lake, and therefore the tour guides did not take tourists to this area and warned them not to enter the lake.


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Hana Laurie, the twins’ 33-year-old sister, said the tour guide she booked through the twins hostel was doing so illegally and was famous for taking tourists to unsafe places to swim. Melissa and Georgia Laurie learned it was safe to swim in the lake ten miles from the Puerto Escondido surf resort.

When the brothers went swimming in the lake, they were really terrified. Twin Melissa, who also worked at the zoo, was suddenly attacked by a three-meter crocodile. As the crocodile dragged her underwater, her twin, Georgia, came to her aid. Georgia, an experienced diver, had to hit the crocodile several times while trying to save her brother.

According to information from the Daily Mail, the brother is currently being treated at the hospital. Melissa, who suffered numerous injuries in the crocodile attack and is in critical condition, is fighting for life or death. Georgia has announced that Melissa has been removed from the resuscitation system and is breathing independently of the machines, although she is not yet able to speak. “He recognized me and knew who I was,” Georgia says. He looked happy to see me. “


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Certified tour guide Gerardo Escamilla Perez says he heard the twins’ cries for help as he visited another group of tourists near the lake. “We started to hear screams and noise,” Perez said, leaving his own tourists somewhere safe and running towards the twins. Perez says, “It’s an even more dangerous area this time of year because the crocodiles nest there.”

They were on the vacation of their dreams ... The world is talking about their twin brothers who suffered a crocodile attack

Describing the bite and tooth marks, the guide said, “His head was covered in blood. They thought the crocodile was still nearby and would strike again.” He described the terrible times. Transporting the twins by boat to a safe area where they could get help, Perez added, took over 20 minutes just for that.

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The mothers of the twins, on the other hand, told reporters that what saved Melissa and Georgia’s lives was the strong, indestructible bond between them.

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