The United States has removed controversial immigration regulations!

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In the United States, it was announced that the regulations that had been put into practice during the time of former President Donald Trump that resulted in the deportation of irregular migrants to Mexico were officially lifted.

According to a written statement issued by US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Majorkas, it was announced that the “Immigrant Protection Protocols” program, which has been in effect since January 2019 and results in the deportation of irregular migrants seeking humanitarian protection, Mexico has been removed.

Minister Majorkas noted that leaving the regulations as is or making changes to them would not be consistent with the vision and values ​​of the Joe Biden administration.

In the statement, attention was also drawn to the high number of irregular migrants deported to Mexico after their asylum claims were rejected, and the housing, livelihood and security challenges faced by migrants. irregular.

US House of Representatives member John Kato called the decision a “pretty serious mistake” and said the Biden administration “loosened common sense border policies by putting national security second. plan”.

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Many immigrants from Central American countries try to reach the United States through Guatemala and Mexico.

Former President Trump, after taking office in 2017, decided to keep immigrants from Central and South America waiting at the Mexican border.

As part of the Immigrant Protection Protocol agreement between the governments of the United States and Mexico, also known as the “Mexico Stay Program”, concluded on January 29, 2019, third-country nationals who applying for immigration to the United States via this country will remain in the border city of Tijuana until the end of the application procedures. intended to reside.

US President Joe Biden had promised to repeal the so-called “stay in Mexico” regulation if he was elected during his candidacy. However, Biden decided to continue the practice, with the promise of designing a “humane asylum system,” ordering the settlement to be reconsidered after his election.

Although the number of irregular immigrant asylum seekers in the country has dropped significantly due to the regulations, the program has come under serious criticism.

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Illegal immigrants deported from the United States have been reported to congregate in dangerous areas where drug cartels operate on the US border with Mexico.

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