The United States will leave 650 troops in Afghanistan

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In addition, officials from the US Department of Defense said in a statement to the PA that several hundred US troops are expected to remain in the country until September to support the Turkish armed forces in protecting the international airport of Kabul.

More than 4,000 US troops in the country are expected to leave the country before September 11, which President Joe Biden has set himself a target, while it is said that around 650 troops will be in the country permanently.

“There is no change in our objective (of withdrawal),” Pentagon press adviser John Kirby said yesterday.


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In addition to the soldiers who will be kept in the country to protect the United States Embassy and other diplomatic missions in Kabul, it has been noted that a number of soldiers and equipment will be kept at the airport to support Turkey, where negotiations are underway for the protection of Kabul international airport.

Ministry officials who briefed the PA said that in meetings with Turkey it was agreed to have an anti-rocket and mortar missile (C-RAM) system and the personnel to operate it at the airport.

Officials said Turkey and the United States have broadly agreed to take over the task of guarding the airport, on condition that the United States also provides support, and that U.S. and Turkish military officials will meet in Ankara this week to finalize the agreement on this publish.

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