The United States will start offering the booster dose to its citizens next month

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This step comes after long discussions on the advisability of a third injection of Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.

Booster vaccines will be provided primarily to healthcare workers, nursing home residents and the elderly among those vaccinated in late 2020 and early 2021.

“It will increase your immunity, your protection against Covid-19, and it is the best way to protect us from any new variant that may emerge,” US President Joe Biden said at the White House on Wednesday.

“This will keep you safe longer and help us end the pandemic faster. “

“Now is not the time to let our guard down,” Biden said, urging Americans over 18 to receive a booster vaccine 8 months after receiving both doses of the vaccine.

According to the plan, which is still awaiting final evaluation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the third dose of booster vaccines will begin to be administered from the week of September 20.

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Ahead of Biden’s announcement, the country’s top health officials announced that “immunity is reduced” sometime after being vaccinated and that the potent Delta variant requires a booster vaccine.

“We fear that this decline[de l’immunité]continues over the next few months and may lead to reduced protection against serious illness, hospitalization and death, ”Vivek Murthy, chief of the US public health department, said in a video conference meeting.

Murthy and other members of the White House Covid-19 task force argue that vaccines are very effective, but the best way to support protection is to get vaccinated.

Experts say they predict booster doses will also be needed for those with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which became available in March.

More than 620,000 people have died in the United States from Covid-19, and the number of cases has skyrocketed since early July due to the spread of the Delta variant.

The country, which then had less than 10,000 cases, is now recording an average of 150,000 new cases per day. So far, just over 50 percent of Americans have received both doses of the vaccine.

The country’s immunization program is reportedly meeting resistance in politically conservative regions of the south and center-west and among some racial minorities.

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Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading infectious disease expert, pointed to studies that have shown a significant decrease in vaccine effectiveness over time.

For example, data published by the Mayo Clinic showed that the efficacy against the Delta variant increased from 76% to 42% with the Pfizer vaccine and from 86% to 76% with the Moderna vaccine. According to Fauci, the booster dose will increase antibody levels tenfold.

Biden also responded to criticism recently voiced by foreign officials that Americans will be receiving booster shots at the expense of the billions of people around the world who have yet to receive any coronavirus vaccine.

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“I don’t agree,” Biden said. “We can take care of America and help the world at the same time.”

Washington will donate more than 200 million additional doses to other countries as it prepares to administer nearly 100 million booster doses to the United States.

Overall, the United States plans to donate more than 600 million vaccines to other countries.

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