The Washington Post’s remarkable commentary on the US evacuation process from Afghanistan: “Moral disaster”

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The Washington Post Editorial Board ran an op-ed titled “America Leaves Thousands Behind in Afghanistan.” It is a moral disaster ”.

In the article, which stated that the United States had evacuated 122,000 people from Afghanistan since the end of July, but that was not enough, it was pointed out that translators, families who previously worked for the United States and thousands of people described as “vulnerable” by the Biden administration remain in Afghanistan.


“Due to the deterioration in security after the horrific terrorist attack at the airport last Thursday, US soldiers prepared for their departure on Monday, and the time is up for those who want to leave. It is a moral disaster. . This is due to the military and diplomatic forces, missions in Kabul, which act with courage and professionalism despite the deadly dangers, “the article reads. These are strategic and tactical errors of Biden and his administration, not of the personnel. statements have been included.

Noting that among those left behind by the United States in Afghanistan are local journalists working for the United States-supported media and about 4,000 students, graduates and employees of the American University of Afghanistan, the The article also recalled statements by the Biden administration that he is working to get these people out of the country.

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Recalling that nearly 100 countries have made a declaration for safe evacuations from Afghanistan, the article notes that assurances given by the Taliban contradict statements made by the group’s spokesperson at the time of the crisis.

On the other hand, in the article, which draws attention to the fact that Russia and China, which are the 5 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, are not among the 100 countries which have launched an appeal for Taliban, which creates a deficit in terms of international pressure, says the article: “The support of Russia and China, the organization of evacuations by French President Emmanuel Macron. It is also very important for the implementation of the proposal to establish a safe zone in Kabul under the auspices of the UN. ”A shared opinion.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also said the day before, pointing out that the United States still has significant influence over the Taliban, the article said: “If so, the Biden administration will use this power to expel every Afghan who has a legitimate asylum claim from the country. should use it. ” has been called.


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