The “white princesses” have become the center of attention in the fashion world

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Albino Kazakh sisters Asel Kalaganova and Kamila Kalaganova are catching the attention of the fashion world with their “angelic” looks.

The Kalaganovs family, known as the only family in Kazakhstan where two albino children grew up in the same house, are drawing the attention of the local and foreign press.

Asel and Kamila Kalaganova, the two daughters of the family living in the town of Aktau by the Caspian Sea, were born with a genetic disease, albinism.

Anne Ayman Sarkitova told The Anadolu Agency (AA) that she gave birth to two girls and a boy, but their daughter was born with albinism.

Sarkitova said: “When my first daughter, Asel, was born white, we couldn’t immediately understand that she was albino. Everyone including me was surprised, but then we learned that my grandfather husband was albino. ” mentionned.

Stating that her second daughter, Kamila, was born with albinism 13 years later, Sarkitova said: “After this incident, interest in our family increased. Even my son, who was born normal, asked, “Why don’t my two sisters look like us?” He said.

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The eldest sister, Asel Kalaganova, 16, said she struggled to make new friends, especially at first. “People seemed unwilling to communicate with me or be friends. When I realized that I couldn’t continue this for the rest of my life, I started to take a step myself.” mentionned.

Asel Kalaganova said that at times she was extremely uncomfortable with how people looked and was photographed from the side when she went out, but she got used to this situation and said that unlike her brother, Kamila, 3 years old, who suffers from albinism, she was happy that people are interested in her.

Stating that she never goes out during the day in the summer, Kalaganova said: “I usually go out after 8pm in the summer. If I have to go somewhere, I always apply sunscreen. When I go to the beach, I sit in the shade most of the time. ” he said.


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Stating that they are known as the “white princesses” of Kazakhstan, Kalaganova said she has received many offers from local and foreign advertising companies.

Kalaganova said: “I am currently working with a local modeling agency. Since my brother was young he only starred in ads suitable for his age. However, I already have plans both in the country and in abroad. ” mentionned.

Her manager, Ayjan Sisenaliyeva, noted that Asel began to gain the attention of foreign fashion houses after appearing in an advertisement for an American shampoo brand.

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Sisenaliyeva said: “Many advertising agencies want to work with Asel. However, we cannot rate every offer as there are albinos. Because Asel can’t stay in the sun for long. Therefore, we prefer indoor advertisements. used the expression.

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