The world didn’t like temporary workers … the same Taliban 20 years later

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The first reaction of international public opinion to the framework announced by the Taliban, which took over the administration in Afghanistan, was distant. The fact that the majority of the announced 30-member government was also involved in the administration of the Taliban between 1996-2001 and the existence of extremist names has been interpreted as “the new Taliban is in fact the same Taliban”. While Western countries have made cautious statements about the new administration, relatively more moderate messages have come from Qatar and China.

PRIME MINISTER: Muhammed Hasan Akhund

“HE MUST WIN IN Legitimation”

ABD: In Washington’s first statement, it was stated that “it was noted that the names in the cabinet were all members of the Taliban and that there were no women.” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who chaired a 20-country ministerial meeting on the Afghan crisis in Germany, said in a press release regarding the new cabinet: “The Taliban seek international legitimacy. Legitimacy is something that has to be earned, ”he said.

GERMANY: Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has said he wants to continue humanitarian aid through the UN, but all steps beyond depend on the Taliban. Expressing that the announced government has not given good signals in this direction, Maas said: “The interim government, which excludes minorities, and violence against women and journalists in protests in Kabul are not giving signals. optimistic in this regard (relations with the Taliban). “

The world didn't like temporary workers ... the same Taliban 20 years later


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THE UNITED NATIONS: In his statement, UN spokesperson Farhan Haq said: “Only a compromised and inclusive government can bring lasting peace to Afghanistan,” while stressing that the UN is determined to work for the promotion of human rights. and women in Afghanistan.

EUROPEAN UNION: In the EU statement, it was pointed out that the Taliban had already made a commitment to inclusiveness and said: “The names announced are not seen as a structure with representative power covering the wealthy. ethnic and religious diversity of Afghanistan “.

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NATO: NATO Secretary General Jess Stoltenberg said that until the alliance was broken he had made significant progress in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and stressed that the Taliban administration should keep its promises on terrorism and human rights.

RUSSIA: Kremlin spokesman Dmitriy Peskov answered reporters’ question “Is there direct contact with the planned new government” and “Moscow is not currently considering contacting the announced new administration in Afghanistan” .

IRAN: Iranian Supreme Security Council Chairman Ali Shamkani said the Taliban cabinet “ignored the need for an inclusive government.”

The world didn't like temporary workers ... the same Taliban 20 years later

CHIEF OF THE STAFF: Kari Fasihuddin

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CHINESE: Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said China was ready to continue communication with the new Afghan government.

QATAR: Qatar’s Deputy Foreign Minister Llvah al-Hater said the Taliban are the de facto rulers of Afghanistan and said: “They have shown a great example of pragmatism. Let us seize this opportunity and look at their public action.

The world didn't like temporary workers ... the same Taliban 20 years later


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While many names from the first Taliban administration took part in the new administration, there are 4 people who were imprisoned at Guantanamo in the staff of 30. They were freed during a prisoner exchange with US sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, kidnapped by the Taliban in 2014. Home Secretary Seraceddin Hakkani and his uncle Halil Hakkani, who has been appointed Minister of Refugees, are featured on the FBI research list.


Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani made his first statement after the Taliban elected a new cabinet. Stating that he left his country so as not to spill blood, as he had said before, in his statement shared on social media, Gani noted that he did not run away with millions of dollars. as it is claimed. Ghani apologized to the Afghan people for “his reign ended in tragedy like his predecessors”.

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that it is not known how long the “interim government” declared by the Taliban in Afghanistan will continue and said: “Our only duty is to follow this process carefully. made his assessment. During the press conference he held the day before with the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Félix Tshisekedi, Erdoğan said that contacts are continuing on the issue of the operation of the Kabul airport by Turkey. and said: “As of now a provisional cabinet has been announced, we don’t know how long this provisional cabinet will last. All we have to do is follow this process carefully. My wish for all of Afghanistan is for it to be good.

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