The world is talking about this decision … Prize money for those who quit smoking

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England talks about the decision the National Health Service (NHS) is about to take.

Because the institution is preparing to give a financial reward to pregnant women who would take a decision in this direction in order to encourage them to stop smoking.

According to information from the British Mirror newspaper, a voucher worth 400 pounds (around 5,000 TL) will be given to pregnant women who quit smoking under this plan.

It was explained that women must pass biochemical tests to prove that they have quit smoking before receiving the coupons.

However, since there may be those who do not want to take these tests due to the pandemic, authorities have announced that coupons can be issued to those who do not have the test.

In the survey conducted for this project, 177 in 1,000 pregnant women said they would quit smoking using this method.

Making statements to the national press on the project, Dr Paul Chrisp used the following statements;

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“About 10 percent of women are known to smoke during childbirth, and given the significant effects of smoking on the health of mothers and babies, it is clear that more effort is needed to encourage this group to quit. to smoke.”

In the statement made on the subject, it was stressed that this incentive is “both effective and cost effective”.

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