The world is talking about this event … A South African woman has given birth to 10 children!

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A South African woman will hold the world record if approved by doctors.

Because the 37-year-old woman named Gosiame Sithole is on the agenda with the claim that she has given birth to 10 children at once.

Sithole’s husband said seven boys and three girls were born by Caesarean section at a Pretoria hospital on Monday evening.

Speaking to the country’s press, Sithole said doctors told her she was initially pregnant with six children.

However, after subsequent checks, this number was increased to eight. According to the woman’s claim, the other two babies were only discovered during surgery.

According to reports from the British Daily Mail newspaper, if Sithole’s claim is confirmed by doctors, she will break the record for a Malian woman who gave birth to 9 babies last month.

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It has been approved by the Ministry of Health and the hospital that Halime Sisi, a Malian citizen, has given birth to 9 children by caesarean section.

A birth in Morocco was recorded as a world record.

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