The world is talking about this marriage … The bride had a heart attack, the groom married his sister-in-law!

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India, which did not fall on the agenda with the announcement of the coronavirus epidemic in recent days, is this time on the agenda with very interesting news.

A tragic event took place during the wedding in the state of Uttar Pradesh in the country. The bride had a heart attack at her own wedding due to the stress she was feeling.

According to information from the British newspaper Daily Mail based on the local press, medical teams were called to the scene.

However, despite all the interventions, it was announced that the bride could not be saved. Of course, the wedding, which turned into a funeral, was not canceled.

The groom married the sister of the bride after a short meeting between the families. The bride’s uncle, who made a statement on behalf of the family, said: “It was a difficult decision.”

The corpse of the unfortunate bride was taken to a room until the end of the marriage. It was reported that the bride, who died of a heart attack during her own wedding, was later cremated in a ceremony.

India is a country where marriages are not annulled no matter what.

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A similar situation had occurred in recent weeks, and after the groom leaked, the bride married one of the guests.

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