The world is talking about this new … Historical discovery!

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The scientific world is talking about the news from Israel. Because the remains of a human species not belonging to any “Homo family” known to date have been discovered in the country.

from the Department of Archeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The new human species discovered in the study conducted by Yossi Zaidner and his team was called “Nesher Ramla”.

According to the team’s statement, the human bones discovered date back to between 140,000 and 120,000 BC.

Bones of horses, deer and aurochs as well as stone tools were also found during excavations. This was reported to indicate that the group in question were hunter-gatherers.

The team also found campfire sites matching the age of the bones and concluded that these people used fire effectively.

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“This discovery shows us that there are several species of Homo living in the same place and at the same time,” Zaidner said in a statement.

The world is talking about this news ... Historical discovery

Zaidner made the following statements in his statement;

“With further studies, this study changed what we know about modern humans emerging from Africa and Neanderthals living in Europe. We now have a more complex picture in front of us.

Scientists say this discovery will rewrite the history of the theory of evolution.

Researchers believe the group, called Nesher Ramla, may have contributed to the evolution of Neanderthals

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