The world is talking about this photo … Their lifeless bodies hit the beach!

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The migration crisis at European borders is once again a humanitarian tragedy.

Migrant boats have sunk in the Mediterranean. The lifeless bodies of the children who were on the boat for a Hope Trip hit the beaches.

These images, taken by Oscar Camps on the Libyan coast of Zuwara, quickly became a social media agenda.

Thousands of comments have been made on the frames which have been shared time and time again. Many users have commented that these images are reminiscent of Aylan’s baby.

Italian journalist and Libyan expert Nancy Porsia announced that the children’s bodies had been collected by the Libyan army and buried in a nearby cemetery.

After the photos went viral, a statement came from the United Nations.

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A spokesperson for the United Nations immigration agency stressed that there was no clear information on when the victims left Libya and what happened to their ships.

About 630 people have died trying to reach Europe in the central Mediterranean this year alone, according to the United Nations migration agency.

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