The world is talking about this photo … Trump took to the stage with his pants upside down

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Trump, who has managed to be on the agenda with almost every statement he has made during his 4-year presidency, has sparked a new debate.

Months later, the ex-president, who was in front of the cameras, stood out by saying that “he was wearing his pants badly”.

While attending the Republican Party rally in North Carolina, the strangeness of Trump’s pants did not go unnoticed.

Dozens of people who noticed the zipper was not visible on the pants shared this photo on social media. The images quickly went viral.

These images brought 90s hip-hop duo Kriss Kross to life, who rose to fame for wearing his pants inside out. Many users have compared Trump to Kriss Kross.

According to reports from the British Daily Mail newspaper, the reason for this image may also be due to the fact that Trump is wearing pants with an elasticated waist.

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Trump, who came out on top with the pant talks, targeted infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci, who also advised him, in that speech.

Criticizing Fauci’s approach to the pandemic, Trump used the following statements;

“Fauci is not a great doctor, but he is a great marketer. He was wrong about almost everything. Including the virus and the Wuhan laboratory.

Trump often says the virus has leaked from a lab in China and points out that China should pay the United States compensation.

Trump, who has frequently made this claim, especially during the last term of his presidency, accuses China of deaths from the virus.

During Trump’s presidency, hundreds of thousands of people in the United States died because of Kovid-19.

In this process, Trump also caught the virus and the president, who received special treatment, was released in no time.

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