The world is talking to him! The Belarusian journalist’s first statement appeared

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The first statement by opposition journalist Roman Protasevic to the security forces, who was arrested on the plane that landed at Minsk airport due to a bomb warning in Belarus, was reflected in the press .

The first statement by Protasevic, one of the passengers on the plane on the Athens-Vilnius flight, was broadcast on Belarusian televisions.

Claiming to have been detained at Minsk airport by the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs security forces, Protasevic said he was in Minsk No.1 Prison.

Noting that he has no health problems, including his heart and other organs, Protasevic said, “The behavior of the security forces towards me is very polite and in accordance with the law. Now I continue to cooperate with the security forces and give testimony including my confession to organize the mass uprising in Minsk. He spoke.

On May 23, the Ryanair plane, with 123 passengers traveling from Athens to Vilnius, made an emergency landing at Minsk airport after a bomb warning in Belarusian airspace. For safety reasons, a Mig-29 fighter jet was withdrawn to accompany the aircraft on the instructions of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

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While checking the plane at the airport, Belarusian citizen Roman Protasevic, founder of a social media account and former editor of a wanted social media account in Belarus, was arrested and he been declared that the report on the bomb had been drawn up. as a result of the searches was unfounded.


“Roman Protasevich’s video makes viewing deeply sad. As a journalist and passionate supporter of free speech, I call for his immediate release. Belarus’ actions will have consequences,” the British Prime Minister said. Boris Johnson on Twitter. used the expressions.


European airlines stopped using Belarusian airspace after the Belarusian administration landed a passenger plane crossing its airspace in the capital Minsk and arrested an opposition journalist on the plane.

According to the real-time commercial flight information tracking application Flightradar24, after the Ryanair plane landed in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, on the basis of a bomb warning during the flight Athens- Vilnius, and after the passengers on board the Belarusian opposition journalist Raman Pratasevic, how companies do not fly over Belarus.

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Currently, Belarusian airspace is only used by airlines from countries other than Europe, with the exception of the country’s own airline, Belavia, for commercial flights.

Air ambulance flights are also carried out from Belarusian airspace, where some cargo flights continue.

In accordance with their decision to take Belarusian airspace, companies such as German airline Lufthansa and French airline Air France no longer use them.

The world speaks to him The first testimony of the Belarusian journalist has appeared

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Along with British airlines, the Dutch company KLM also prefers not to use Belarusian airspace by changing the route of its flights to Kiev and Moscow.

Hungarian airline Wizz Air, which previously operated some flights using Belarusian airspace, is changing its route and flies through Poland.

The Latvian airline airBaltic also operates from Belarus. While the Polish airline LOT does not use the airspace in question, Estonia, Lithuania and Sweden do the same.

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Leaders of European Union (EU) countries last night called for the imposition of new sanctions that will include Belarusian officials and sector targets, as well as EU airlines not to go through Belarus.

The leaders had asked Belarusian airlines to ban EU airspace, preventing their planes from accessing EU airports.

While checking the plane at the airport, Belarusian citizen Protasevic, a former editor-in-chief and founder of a social media account, was arrested on the grounds that he was involved in terrorist incidents in Belarus, and the bombing report drawn up as a result of the searches was said to be unfounded.

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