There would be hope for poor countries … WHO has announced the bad news: the vaccines are out!

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the Covax program, which was created to provide vaccine assistance to poor countries, does not have enough Kovid-19 vaccines to continue its activities.

WHO Senior Advisor Dr Bruce Aylward said 90 million doses of the vaccine have been distributed to 131 countries under the Covax program, but added that this amount is still not enough to protect world population.

With the third wave of the epidemic in some African countries, vaccination problems arose.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday called on rich countries to “end the hoarding of vaccines”.

Claiming that a total of 40 million vaccines have been administered across the continent to date, which corresponds to 2% of the population, Ramaphosa said his government was working with Covax to produce more vaccines in South Africa to to create a regional center.


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Covax was created to help rich countries deliver vaccines to poor countries.

Covax, led by the WHO and other international organizations, initially set a target of delivering two billion doses worldwide by the end of 2021.

As part of the program, it aims to distribute vaccines to at least 20 percent of the population in poor countries.

However, these vaccine targets have been hampered by production delays and supply disruptions. This has caused problems in countries which are completely dependent on Covax.

Uganda, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Trinidad and Tobago are some of the countries that have reported vaccine shortages in recent days.

Dr. Aylward said that “at least half of the 80 poor countries covered by the Covax program currently do not have enough vaccines to support their programs”.

Stating that the number of countries whose stocks are depleted may be higher than expected, Dr. Aylward said some countries pay more than the market value for vaccines in order to overcome this problem.

Some developed countries with stocks of vaccines direct vaccine donations to poor countries through Covax and other means.

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US President Joe Biden announced Monday that he plans to donate 55 million doses of the vaccine to countries in need.

41 million of this amount will be distributed via Covax; the remaining 14 million will be shared with priority countries.

There would be hope for poor countries ... WHO has announced the bad news: vaccines are out

G7 members pledged last week to donate one billion vaccines to poor countries this year. But G7 leaders have been criticized for being too slow in this engagement.

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