They are afraid of the influx of immigrants: Greece has built a 40 km wall on the Turkish border!

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Greek authorities have announced that after the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, they built a 40 km long wall on the border with Turkey and set up a surveillance system against a possible influx of immigration into the country.

“We cannot passively wait for the possible consequences,” said Michalis Chrisochoidis, the country’s Minister for Citizen Protection.

Yesterday, visiting the area bordering the Meriç River, Chrisochoidis said: “No one can now violate our borders”.

Greece had decided to strengthen the security of its borders after Turkey said in February last year that it would no longer prevent refugees from entering Europe. It was indicated that the already existing 10 kilometer barrier at the border would be strengthened and 26 kilometers would be added.

Turkey called on European countries to take responsibility for the wave of immigration, as thousands of people in Afghanistan tried to flee the country and seek refuge in other countries.

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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a telephone interview with Greek Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis, warned yesterday that migratory pressure, which has already reached high levels, would increase further and that this situation would constitute a “serious challenge for all. world”.

Erdogan said: “If the necessary measures are not taken, a new wave of migration is inevitable.


Trying to gain support from European Union countries for the operation in Syria’s Idlib region, Turkey said in February last year that it would no longer bar refugees wishing to enter Syria. Europe.

Following this statement, thousands of refugees headed for the Greek border, and refugees trying to cross the border found themselves face to face with Greek border guards and security forces, who frequently used tear gas. .

After weeks of crisis in which thousands of refugees have made their way to the border, Greece has decided to increase its measures at the border by 120 kilometers.

Fear of influx of migrants: Greece has built a 40 km wall on the Turkish border

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Greek police also announced that as part of the border measures, powerful mobile sirens have been tested to deter refugees and immigrants, and the security camera system has been beefed up to cover the entire border.

The crisis had subsided with the spread of the coronavirus epidemic and the withdrawal of refugees from the border.

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