They are waiting in fear … The Taliban fired the female judges and released the criminals into the streets!

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Speaking to CNN International with her three unconscious children, Nabila is just one of 250 female judges who were dismissed after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

Nabila, who does not share her last name for security reasons, is just one of thousands of Afghan women who have fallen victim to the Taliban regime, which opposes women in prominent positions. The Taliban regime is not the only reason Nabila fears for her life.

The young woman is now condemned to live her life in hiding and fear, because of the reprisals of the criminals she sent to prison during her mandate as judge. As soon as the Taliban government took office, the first thing to do was to open the prisons and release thousands of convicted prisoners.

“I don’t feel safe anymore. What am I going to do if the people I imprisoned want revenge on me and even my family? In such a situation, God help us. ‘ said Nabila. According to Vanessa Ruiz of the US-based International Association of Women Judges, there are a handful of female judges who fled the country after the Taliban arrived. The others spend their lives in hiding.

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All the judges, men and women, sitting in the former Afghan government have now been replaced by judges appointed by the Taliban. However, according to Ruiz, female judges who cannot flee the country are more at risk than their male counterparts. Recalling that women judges have dealt with cases related to crimes against women committed by men such as domestic violence, violence against women, harassment and rape under the former Afghan government, Ruiz said these criminals were angry with whoever sent them to jail, but when it comes to for a female judge, the extent of that anger can be estimated, it reminds me that it has reached an impossible level.

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Last minute: the Taliban announced their “condition” for female students!

The International Association of Women Judges says it is trying to do all it can for women judges who cannot leave the country, but most of all they need help from the United States and Western countries.

Nabila says the death threats started as soon as the Taliban arrived. “A day or two after the Taliban entered Kabul, my personal phone rang and I began to be threatened with revenge and be killed.

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They wait in fear ... Taliban sack female judges, free criminals in the streets


Another judge, named Bibi, who cannot reveal her last name out of fear, explains that she has been in hiding with her three children since the Taliban took Kabul.

“I smell especially for my children. They can’t see their mother killed, they shouldn’t.

“We have stopped living like normal people,” Bibi said, saying they hadn’t been able to sleep and eat properly for weeks. said.

After the Taliban entered Kabul, Bibi was unable to come to his office and retrieve his files and documents containing personal information such as his photo, phone number and home address. This is why he is so afraid that the Taliban or criminals released from prison will come after him.

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“They think they have the right to find me, to hit me, to kill me. They are not afraid of anyone.

Speaking to CNN, the two women want to flee the country and continue their discussions with the International Association of Women Judges. but the process is very slow and their lives will continue to be in danger if the US or other western countries do not help them …

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