They arrested the retired judge and apologized saying it was a mistake!

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In Vancover, Canada, police handcuffed retired judge Selwyn Romilly, 81, instead of a black suspect. Police apologized to Romilly for the false detention.

The incident took place in Vancouver, Canada. Vanvouver police handcuffed and detained a retired judge named Selwyn Romilly on the grounds that she looked like a wanted suspect.

It has been stated that Romilly, who was accidentally detained by police, became the first black judge on the Supreme Court. Speaking to local media, Selwyn Romilly said: “They said they received a report, someone reported it. I looked like a reported person. Without further ado, they asked me to come back to me and put my hands behind me. Then they put on handcuffs. They didn’t ask for my name, they hastily put on the handcuffs. I told them I was a retired Supreme Court judge. But I don’t know if it had an effect, ”he said.

THE POLICE apologized

“Romilly, who conformed to the description given to the police by witnesses and who was in the same area as the suspect, was detained for a short time before realizing that he was not the good suspect, Vancouver police said in a statement. regarding the incident. In this case, the real suspect could potentially cause serious harm to an innocent person. For this reason, the identity of Mr. Romilly has not been questioned. After being taken into custody, it was immediately established that he was not a suspect and he was immediately released ”.

Retired judge detained, apologized saying it was a mistake

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