They did the incredible thing: they built a 10 story building in 28 hours!

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Social media is talking about the China-based company that built a 10-story apartment building in record time.

According to reports in the country’s press, the company named ‘Broad Group’ completed the 10-story building it constructed in Changsha City in the country in 28 hours and 45 minutes.

Time lapse video of the construction, completed in record time, was posted on YouTube. The images quickly went viral.

The video on the company’s YouTube channel, showing how the whole structure was put together, has been viewed tens of thousands of times in a short period of time.

While prefabricated building systems were used in said study, the company gave the building its final shape by combining previously produced independent modular units.

They did the amazing: they built a 10 story building in 28 hours

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In the video it was seen that these previously produced modules were combined with half of the cranes in a short time.

The same company built a 57-story building in 19 days using this method in 2015.

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