They entered the country with a false test! Virus detected in 156 people

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According to local media, many pious (Hasidic) Jews visited the tomb of Rabbi Nahman, founder of the Hasidic Breslov movement, in Uman, Ukraine, on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah (September 6-8), which symbolizes the day. of the New Year. according to the Hebrew calendar.


Some of the Hasidic Jews returned to their countries taking a false negative test instead of taking the mandatory Kovid-19 test when they returned to Israel due to the outbreak.

The virus was detected in 156 Hasidic Jews who tested falsely negative on their return from Ukraine, following tests carried out at Ben-Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv.


Israeli police interviewed 117 people “suspected of forgery in the Kovid-19 test and knowingly spreading a contagious disease.”

It should be noted that the majority of Hasidic Jews do not abide by the Kovid-19 restrictions and oppose the vaccine.

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Each year, thousands of Hasidic Jews visit the tomb of Rabbi Nahman, one of their religious leaders on Rosh Hashanah, in the city of Uman, south of Kiev.

Hasidic Jews believe that if they spend Rosh Hashanah in the tomb of Rabbi Nahman, the New Year will be a successful one for them.

The Kiev administration did not allow Hasidic Jews to enter the country last year due to the Kovid-19 outbreak, and religious Jews waited days at the Ukrainian border.

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