They presented Russia’s new weapon: Blind the enemy!

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Having recently experienced the most tense period in its history with “the West” and the United States, Russia has also increased its investments in armaments.

A new generation vehicle ready to enter Russia’s inventory was presented to the public by Russian state media. The military ship in question stands out as the first stealth warship that can avoid detection by enemy ships.

State media also highlighted reports that the warship was armed with cruise missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and artillery.

The ship, which houses the radar-absorbing coating, was said to “blind the enemy”. According to RIA news, the ship, whose hull is finished, is expected to enter the Navy’s inventory next year.


On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that NATO is getting closer to his country’s borders and this is an important issue that will affect the security of Russia and Russian citizens.

In an interview with the Rossiya-1 channel, Putin assessed NATO’s military activities and the possibility of Ukraine becoming a member of NATO.

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Emphasizing that NATO has strengthened its military infrastructure near Russia’s borders, Putin said: “NATO’s approach to our borders is so important that it affects the security of Russia and of Russian citizens.

In his statement, Putin made the following statements:

“NATO’s eastward expansion took place in two waves. This happened at a time when relations between Russia and Western countries were at the level of partnership, but all our concerns were ignored. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but they violated our interests. This happened at a time of good relations. The West places its own geopolitical interests above the interests of people and other peoples.

Stressing that Ukraine wants to become a member of NATO, Putin stressed that this was not a pointless question and said: “American missiles in Poland and Romania can reach the central region of Russia. in 15 minutes. Suppose Ukraine is a member of NATO. American missiles in Kharkiv or Dnipro. The flight time from the cities of Moscow to Moscow will decrease to 7-10 minutes.

Putin said that many Ukrainian citizens do not want NATO membership.

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