They put the point for the Taliban: we do not know!

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European Union foreign spokesperson Josep Borell said at the EU foreign ministers meeting in Slovenia on Friday that they would not accept the Taliban as the country’s legitimate government and that any relationship with this movement can only be established for the purpose of protecting the Afghan people and subject to strict conditions.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab during his visit to Pakistan said they would not recognize the new Taliban government in Kabul but also face the new reality of Afghanistan and that ‘they did not want to see the social and economic situation of the country crumbling fabric.

Previously, the United States had announced that it would take a similar stance towards the Taliban.

Russia and China, on the other hand, are taking a softer stance towards the Taliban administration. The Taliban said in a statement that they had received assurances from China that they would keep their embassy in Kabul open.

China, on the other hand, confined itself to announcing that its embassy in Kabul is currently functioning normally.

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Announcing that it will not recognize the Taliban government in Afghanistan, the EU, meanwhile, is considering establishing contact with the Taliban through its EU representation in Kabul in order to follow up on the issue of the Taliban. evacuation of refugees and to monitor whether the Taliban keep their security and human rights promises.

“We have decided to work in coordination (with the Taliban) if the security conditions are met,” Foreign Affairs spokesman Josep Borell said at the meeting of EU foreign ministers in Slovenia.

Borell also said the EU would be in close coordination with the United States, the G7 and G20 countries and other international organizations on Afghanistan and would try to establish a “regional cooperation platform” with Afghanistan’s neighbors.


The evacuation of British citizens and other groups trapped in Afghanistan was on the agenda of British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who met his counterpart and other officials at the Pakistani leg of his tour covering the countries in the region.

Raab said the UK and Pakistan have agreed on “Afghanistan to achieve a stable and peaceful future”.

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“No one wants the economic and social fabric of Afghanistan to be torn apart,” the foreign minister said, but noted that they wanted to work with humanitarian organizations, rather than the Taliban government, on this issue. .

“We see the importance of having a direct line of communication and being able to communicate,” Raab said.Our approach is not to recognize the Taliban as a government” noted.

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