They realized the situation late … The substance that came out of the vaccine shocked everyone!

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After the coronavirus spread like a nightmare and began claiming the lives of countless people, the Kovid-19 vaccines, developed through the quick and dedicated work of scientists, are currently the greatest weapon we have against the virus. One such vaccine, which has passed safety tests and is widely used around the world, is Moderna, the mRNA-based vaccine from the US company Moderna.

Moderna is one of the vaccines used in Japan. However, the strange situation noticed by a cautious pharmacist caused the country to panic.

A pharmacist in the Kanagawa area was doing a final vaccine check when he saw black particles in the tiny vial. The rest of these batches of vaccine were put on hold after the authorities confirmed the event.

However, 3,790 people had already been vaccinated before the incident occurred.

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They realized the situation late ... The substance of the vaccine shocked everyone

It should also be noted that the event took place a week after Japan suspended the use of 1.63 million doses of Moderna vaccine due to contamination.

The company that undertook the distribution of this batch of vaccine in the country examined the vaccine vial containing black particles.

Japanese media reported that no health risk had been encountered so far and that it was not a dangerous situation.

Takeda Pharmaceutical, which sells and distributes the vaccine in Japan, suspended three batches of the vaccine last week after the discovery of “foreign substances” in some doses of a batch of around 560,000 vials.

They realized the situation late ... The substance of the vaccine shocked everyone

Japan’s health ministry, on the other hand, claimed in a statement yesterday that foreign substances in some vaccine vials were caused by improper use of injection needles during application.

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As Japan first hosts the Tokyo Olympics and then the Paralympics, a significant increase in Kovid-19 cases is seen in the country.

Vaccination in the country is progressing more slowly than expected. Just over 40 percent of the Japanese are fully immunized. About 50 percent of the population also received a dose of the vaccine.

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