They were defeated by Covid in 14 days … His last request before his death was “Let my kids get vaccinated”

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If Lydia Rodriguez had been questioned just a few weeks ago, she would have replied that her body was strong enough to fight the coronavirus and that she did not need the vaccine.

However, Lydia changed her mind when they all tested positive after a weeklong camp they attended as a family. Lydia, 42, decided she wanted to get the vaccine. However, he got his doctor’s response, “It’s too late now.”

“A fan was waiting for her,” Lydia’s cousin Dottie Jones told the Washington Post.


When Lydia, a mother of four in Galveston, Texas, felt she was running out of time, she asked her family members to make her a promise: “Please get vaccinated. my children.” Those words she said over the phone to her music teacher sister were Lydia’s last wish on her deathbed.

Lydia Rodriguez died on August 16. Just two weeks before Lydia, his wife, Lawrence Rodriguez, 49, could no longer fight Covid and died.

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“Lydia and Lawrence fought the virus in bed next to each other in intensive care, but both were defeated,” Dottie said.


The couple Rodriguez, married for 21 years, were just two of the millions who had yet to receive a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, which is free to anyone over 12 in the United States. The couple’s children, orphans and orphans, have joined the ranks of millions of people whose lives have been tragically turned upside down by the impact of this sometimes deadly disease.

Minister of Health Dr. According to the latest data released by Fahrettin Koca, more than 18 million people in Turkey have yet to receive a single dose of vaccination. Both around the world and in our country, public health institutions and experts point out on every opportunity that the vaccine significantly reduces the possibility of serious illness and death from Covid-19.


Unfortunately, the Rodriguez family is neither the first nor the only one. There are reports of many people around the world who, on their deathbed, have changed their minds about the vaccine. Those who regret not having been vaccinated after falling ill become eager to vaccinate what they left behind.

Dottie Jones said her cousin was also in this group and said: “Lydia never believed in vaccines. She believed that she could take care of everything herself, that there was no need vaccines. “

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Dottie, who is also a neonatal nurse, was aware of the severe effects of Covid-19 on mothers and their babies due to the cases she encountered at the hospital where she worked.

He also told his cousin and shared with Lydia what had happened while his patients were hooked up to the ventilator one after another for weeks. However, her cousin did not react to any of these words and remained silent.

“I knew you would never get the vaccine and I was very worried,” Dottie said those days.

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Dottie said Lydia’s wife Lawrence also took anti-vaccine views and refused to be vaccinated. Stating that three of Rodriguez’s four children can be vaccinated at their age, Dottie said no one in the family was vaccinated at the time.

Dottie’s fears came true when the Rodriguez family returned from the camp in the early days of July. Lydia and Lawrence, who couldn’t make it to camp because of her job, started showing symptoms of Covid. The whole family has tested positive.

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They didn’t tell anyone they were sick. But when Lydia started to feel short of breath, the truth was revealed when Lawrence had to take her husband to the hospital. Lydia was immediately admitted to intensive care. Lawrence was also being treated in another ward.

Meanwhile, other family members took steps to care for the Rodriguez couple’s Covid-positive children, who were in home quarantine. Fortunately, only the youngest of the children had mild symptoms, while the rest were asymptomatic.


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At one point, Lawrence Rodriguez’s condition appeared to improve. However, a few days after being admitted to the hospital, he was taken to an intensive care unit. “Shortly before Lawrence was put on a ventilator, he wanted to get the coronavirus vaccine, but it was too late,” Dottie said. Father Rodriguez passed away on August 2.

At this point, Lydia was constantly trying to hold on to life while hooked up to her oxygen mask and couldn’t even talk to her children. Children often visited their mother and sang hymns to cheer her up.

Dottie said that in the last days of her life she said to her cousin, “We are praying for you. Children are our responsibility. On August 16, sad news arrives from the hospital: Lydia Rodriguez has passed away.


The family rushed to grant Lydia’s last wish. The family’s 18-year-old twins, Nathan and Ethan, have been vaccinated and an appointment has been made for their 16-year-old son, Adam. Dottie said an appointment will be made for the 11-year-old girl, Syphonia, as soon as she turns 12.

Currently, the court is trying to decide who should be the legal guardian of Rodriguez’s children. Meanwhile, an online campaign has been created to cover children’s expenses.

“Wednesday is especially tough for all four siblings,” Dottie said. “If she had lived, their mother would have been 43 on August 18th.”


As we said above, there are millions of people who have not been vaccinated even a single dose, although it is time to get vaccinated both in our country and around the world. In contrast, experts frequently point out that the deadly effects of Covid-19 are at very low levels in people whose vaccines are over, and that the increase in cases requiring intensive care is due to unvaccinated people.

In a recent study in our country, very important data was obtained in this direction.

In research conducted by the Pendik Training and Research Hospital of Marmara University and the Turkish Intensive Care Association, the vaccination rates of about 800 intensive care patients were examined. Preliminary data from the study showed that the majority of intensive care units were filled with unvaccinated people or those who were not entitled to a third dose of the vaccine.

Head of research Prof. In his statement to TRT Haber, Dr İsmail Cinel recalled the statement by Minister of Health Koca that the rate of unvaccinated people in hospitalizations is around 90-95%, “Who should we call unvaccinated? The first are those who have never been vaccinated. the second is inactivated vaccines, but 3 to 6 months. “There is a serious group whose duration of action and protection is exceeded. People who have gone through about 4 months of this process represent 35-40% of our patients who fall into intensive care In other words, the majority of those who get sick despite the vaccine are those whose vaccines have finished working, ”he said.

Cinel said, “When we accept that the period of effect of these vaccines has passed, almost all of our patients in the intensive care unit are not vaccinated,” and stressed the importance of the booster dose.

Cinel said: “One of our very important observations is that there are hardly any patients who have received two doses of mRNA vaccine (Pfizer / BioNTech) recently. Scientific data shows that the mRNA vaccine is more effective against the variant. Our study also supports this. “.

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