They were desperate … 5 thousand liters of poisoned solution to fight the infestation of rats!

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In an effort to deal with the most intense rat infestation seen in Australia in recent years, the government has proposed using 5,000 liters of the “deadliest” rat poison.

In the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland, mice have negatively impacted life for months. To find a solution to rodents damaging crops, local farmers have asked the government for an emergency action plan.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormak has suggested using 5,000 liters of the “deadliest” rat poison to solve the mouse infestation. Although the proposal raised concern among many, farmers said the poison to use would damage crops and endanger wildlife.


The New South Wales Farmers Association has announced that the rat infestation is costly to the agricultural industry. The results of the investigation revealed that the mouse infestation caused financial losses to farmers between 38-116 thousand dollars (318 thousand TL to 972 thousand TL). Officials have been reported to have kept the financial damage from reaching millions of dollars through urgent action.


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Environmentalist Dr. Maggie Watson said the government’s proposal for a 5,000-liter rat poison action plan is seriously dangerous for the environment. Stating that the bromadiolone substance in the poison can seep into the soil, Dr. Watson warned that this substance could be stored biologically in insects.

Dr. “You can completely reduce the bird of prey population,” says Watson. It can take 15 to 20 years for these birds to come back, and we have no natural control for the next rat fever that will occur, ”he said.

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