They’ve been together every second for a year, but they’ve looked at each other for the first time … The miracle of twins to hold on to life!

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They were born in August 2020. But they don’t have names yet …

The Siamese twin sisters born in Israel have entered the agenda of the country and the world. As a result of an operation that can be performed very rarely and with a difficult result, at the end of a year of life, the brothers looked at each other for the first time and these moments were served to the world by agencies of hurry.

The brothers, who were born united from the back of the head, separated from each other and regained their health after a successful operation at Soroka Medical Center in Beershebaa, Israel.

While preparations for the 12-hour surgery began months ago, a “Graft” study was performed for the scalp of the twin brothers. In this medicine, it is the name given to the operation of “removing any tissue in the body in order to be transferred to another part of the body without the connection of the vessels and nerves supplying that tissue”. There is no possibility of nourishing oneself by performing vascular repairs in the area of ​​the body where this piece of tissue is transported.

For this critical operation, many experts from Israel and around the world participated in the preparations and the operation.

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It has been announced that the twin brothers, whose names have not yet been named, are in good health.

The head of the plastic surgery department at the medical center, where the operation was performed, told Israeli TV: “The babies started to breathe and feed on their own. gave the good news.

This operation, which has only been carried out 20 times in the world, was carried out for the first time in Israel.

In this way, the skin on the heads of babies, who were placed in silicone air bags between their heads months before surgery, stretched over time. After the surgery, their skulls were reconstructed and new skin tissue grafts were performed on the siblings. At the same time, 3D modeling of the twins was also used during the surgery.

While hospital staff and the girls’ family explained that they were very happy that everything was going well, it was clarified that the twin brothers would lead completely healthy and normal lives after this operation.

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