This image had been talking about him for days … The fate of the Afghan journalist was clear!

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The world is talking about the Taliban, who regained control of Afghanistan 20 years later.

After capturing the capital Kabul and many other critical points in 10 days, the Taliban are now the sole ruler of the country.

What particularly awaits women in Afghanistan under the Taliban is one of the most curious questions.

The Taliban, which has given moderate messages on the issue, have taken a revolutionary step in recent weeks, and a Taliban official was a guest of the Afghan host named Beheshta Arghand.

The program, which aired on Afghanistan’s TOLO News channel in 2004, made headlines in different parts of the world in a short time and made Arghand a famous journalist in a short time.

Shortly after this interview, Arghand interviewed Malala Yousafzai, an activist who survived a Taliban assassination attempt.

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However, Arghand did not feel safe despite all the moderate messages from the Taliban. According to reports from CNN International, the presenter has left the country.

Speaking to the CNN team, Arghand said, “I left the country because, like millions of people, I am afraid of the Taliban. Speaking about the interview in question, the presenter said: “I did this for Afghan women.

Two days after interviewing Yousafzai, Arghand attempted to leave the country and boarded a Qatar Air Force evacuation flight on Tuesday with several members of his family.

Declaring that he can return to his country if the Taliban keep their promises, Arghand said: “If the Taliban implement what they say and the situation improves, I will return to my country and work for my country. , for my people.

TOLO owner Saad Mohseni summed up the latest situation in the country with the words “Almost all of our well-known reporters and journalists are gone”.

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