This is how the Taliban entered the TV studio: The world watched in horror

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With the withdrawal of the last American troop, an era in Afghanistan came to an end.

The Taliban, who took power after 20 years, make a remarkable event every day.

According to reports from the British newspaper Daily Mail, armed Taliban militants entered the studio of a television station in the country.

At least 8 armed activist news presenters were seen in the studio while sharing the latest developments in the country with their audiences.

The host conveyed to the Afghan people the message “Do not be afraid of the Taliban” and “Cooperate with the Taliban”. An Afghan official who came to the studio also made a statement live.

The facial expression of the Afghan presenter revealed the gravity of the incident. Perhaps the most difficult program in the presenter’s life, which had times of fear, quickly became a global agenda.

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The 42-second video was posted to social media and quickly went viral, with millions of views.

According to reports based on local sources, Taliban militants arrived at the canal armed and said they wanted to make a statement.

Thereupon, armed militants and a Taliban official took part in the program called Pardaz.

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