This only happens in the movies … This card reached its recipient after 30 years

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While serving in the British Navy, Neil Crocker sent a map home from Chile in 1991, as he returned from the Falkland Islands on the ship HMS Cumberland.

The card has just arrived in the letterbox of Crocker’s father-in-law, who lives in Portland, Dorset, England.

HMS Cumberland was returning from a three-month mission to the Falkland Islands and anchored for five days in the coastal town of Valparaiso, Chile.

Neil Crocker said he remembers sending the card “vaguely” and mentioned that “the weather and the beach are wonderful”.

“I sent a few cards home and it never occurred to me again,” Crocker said.

Neil Crocker, who sent the card

The card is stamped “London 1991” indicating that it was indeed sent to the UK on time.

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“It was in a corner in a mail sorting office for 30 years, and it finally happened to the address. It’s a really remarkable story,” Crocker said.

The card has 22 pence stamps and has three pinholes. The map can therefore be hung somewhere on the board.

“We’ll never know where the card is going. It’s a mystery,” Crocker said.

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