Thousands of people gather in Hong Kong to commemorate the events of Tiananmen

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According to reports from the South China Morning Post, thousands of people have gathered at various points in Hong Kong after the Hong Kong administration’s statement that the ban on gatherings has been temporarily lifted.

The Hong Kong administration has announced that police will not be dispatched to the region unless there are security and public order concerns in areas where citizens gather for the ceremony.

After the announcement, Hong Kong citizens gathered in many places, especially Victoria Park, and held a candle burning to commemorate the events of 1989.

After the event organized by the group called “Hong Kong Alliance Supporting Chinese Patriotic Democratic Movements”, the participants left the area.

The Hong Kong administration announced that 7,000 police officers had been deployed to prevent protests or commemorative gatherings, and announced that the ban had been imposed due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19).


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Lawyer and activist Chow Hang Tung, who was arrested yesterday on suspicion of planning an unauthorized protest, has been released.

Speaking to the press after his release, Chow said the authorities aimed to “scare” people and prevent the commemoration of the Tiananmen incident.


According to unofficial figures, more than 2,000 people lost their lives in the events that began in April 1989 and lasted until June 4 in China, which were forcibly suppressed in Tiananmen Square in the capital Beijing. .

The protests, which began as a result of demands for democracy and free speech, inflation, political deterioration and corruption, drew intense participation, especially among the intelligentsia and students.

When events began, the government did not intervene with the protesters, but martial law was declared on May 20 after the protesters did not disperse.

The government decided that it was not possible to meet the demands of the protesters and that the protests should be quelled and sent tanks and soldiers to the square on the night of June 4.

According to the Chinese Red Cross, more than 2,000 people have died as a result of the use of live ammunition by the security forces while suppressing the events.

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The “events of Tiananmen”, which have had wide repercussions in recent Chinese history, are still not fully known to the public, especially to the country’s new generation.

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