TikTok’s reactionary decision! It will collect the biometric data of users

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China-based social media app TikTok, which is frequently on the agenda with the security vulnerabilities it creates, has made yet another move that will spark some backlash.

By updating its privacy policies, the company began collecting biometric data from users. As a result, the data in question will be stored by the application and used to recognize users.

Among the data stored will be facial and voice traces of users. This new decision has been criticized for security reasons.

TikTok has over a billion users worldwide.

The social media app is often criticized for security reasons and for giving information about users to the Chinese government. Former U.S. President Donald Trump almost declared war on the company to ban TikTok in the United States, and when he stepped down as president after the election, the waters calmed down for the company.

In the new contract, which entered into force on Wednesday, the data presented under the subsection “Image and sound information” and referred to as “automatically collected information” will continue to be stored in the company’s records.

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In the Netherlands, the Market Information Research Foundation (SOMI) sued social networking site TikTok for 1.4 billion euros, alleging that “child users neglect data privacy and security.”

In the statement made on SOMI’s website, it was stated that the amount requested in the lawsuit filed on behalf of 64,000 parents in Europe over the claim that TikTok had neglected the privacy of data of users under the age of 16 was more than 1 , 4 billion euros.

SOMI noted that TikTok had not properly obtained the necessary permissions for the data to be used and was not preventing child users from encountering harmful content.

TikTok, which is said to have stored more user data than necessary, has been the subject of a claim for damages in the Amsterdam court for violating various European Union (EU) data laws.

Cor Wijtvliet, one of the founders of SOMA, said in a statement on the case: “We have sent many letters to TikTok, the relevant EU institutions have also sent them, but we have decided to take legal action. justice when we have not achieved the desired result. “used the expression.

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Wijtvliet said: “The court can directly restrict violations of TikTok.” mentionned.

An official speaking on behalf of TikTok, in his statement to local media, said the security of personal data was a top priority for the institution.

The official said that TikTok allows parents to access their children’s accounts so that they can control the accounts of their children under the age of 16 for this purpose.

According to the rules, only children over the age of 13 can become members of TikTok with the consent of their parents.

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