Times Greece left migrants to die

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According to information received from sources of the Ministry of National Defense; The drone, responsible for detecting forest fires in the south and west of the country and reporting them to the competent authorities, detected activity in the open air of Kaş.

As a result, the Greek Coast Guard vessel LS-134 approached the Turkish island of Başak, south of Kaş.

The coastguard boat left the irregular migrants on the shore of the island where there was no life. The Greek elements, which left the immigrants to die, then moved away from the region.

As the events were being monitored by the UAV, elements of the Coast Guard Command were immediately directed towards the area. Immigrants left to die on the island were rescued by the Coast Guard.

Ministry sources said Greece let migrants die directly, leaving them on an uninhabited island. Stressing that this is not the first time that the inhumane practices of Greek elements against immigrants have been experienced in the Aegean Sea, the sources also said that the said practices committed by Greece at a time when Turkey is grappling with Forest fires do not comply with international law and good neighborly relations.

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