Tornado hits Czechia: 3 dead, 150 injured

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The violent hurricane, which hit the Moravian region in Czechia, left 3 dead and 150 injured.

According to South Moravian firefighters’ statements to the Czech press, at least 7 villages were severely damaged and many houses were destroyed. Search and rescue activities continue for those under collapsed buildings.

Firefighters shared information that 3 people lost their lives as a result of the hurricane and at least 150 people were injured to varying degrees.

Interior Minister Jan Hamacek said a crisis team will be formed for the region, where many firefighters, ambulances and special teams are being sent.

Marek Babis, deputy mayor of Hrusky, one of the areas most affected by the storm, said: “The hurricane destroyed half of our settlement. Only the walls of the houses remained. The hurricane, which blew up the roof of our church and our school, also cut down hundred-year-old trees. The situation is terrible. ”He said.

Experts pointed out that it was the most powerful hurricane detected in the country’s history and estimated that the hurricane could be of 3 or 4 forces.

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On the other hand, a Turkish truck driver in the area was injured due to the hurricane. Turkish Ambassador to Prague Egemen Bagis said in a statement that the injured Turkish citizen had been contacted, the driver had been taken to a nearby hospital and his health was good.

Bagis also said an embassy team would travel to South Moravia, where the hurricane was effective, to determine whether the Turkish martyrdom in that region was affected by the hurricane.

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