TRNC President Tatar condemned US Senator Menendez’s comments about Turkish soldier in Cyprus

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After an event he attended, President Ersin Tatar made assessments to members of the press regarding the agenda. Tatar said: “(Menendez’s words) This speech is completely empty and unfounded. Used the sentences.

Declaring that Menendez’s words could never be accepted, Tatar said it was September 1, World Day of Peace, and that peace in Cyprus was secured thanks to the presence of the Turkish armed forces in Cyprus, on the basis of the rights of the guarantor. Tatar noted that despite the guarantee treaty in the 1960s, the whole world, the United Nations, the British, the United States and everyone knew what had happened in Cyprus, and everyone knew that the Turks had been massacred.

Stating that the mentality of the Greek Cypriots has not changed despite the passing years, Tatar said that a step which would bring Turkish Cypriots back in 1974 and 1960 would never be accepted. Tatar stressed that the security of the Turkish Cypriots is important and that this security is ensured by the presence of Turkish soldiers here under the guarantor of Turkey, “The Turkish soldiers are on the island for peace, they have no other purpose or intention “. noted.

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– “It is not possible for us to trust such a statement”

President Tatar said: “We cannot and should never be insecure. That is why what a senator from the United States said and received a medal for participating in lobbying activity does not bind us and does not matter. This rhetoric is completely empty, unfounded, far removed from the realities of Cyprus. and this is lacking. Therefore, it is not possible for us to respect such a declaration, we condemn it. ” noted.

Stressing that an agreement in Cyprus should consist of two equal sovereign states living side by side, Tatar said that within the Republic of Cyprus, within the EU,

He said that an agreement with Turkey is not possible, that the withdrawal of Turkish soldiers from here could be seen as a big trap and a ploy for them, and that they would not come up with such a trick. .

Tatar stressed that the Turkish Cypriot side is ready to negotiate and cooperate if these conditions are met.

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Stating that the Turkish Cypriots today have their own state and their own republic, Tatar said: “In cooperation with the Republic of Turkey, it ensures its own security and protects its people. The presence of the Turkish armed forces here and security is of vital importance. for us, this is our indispensable and red line. ”mentioned.


President Tatar noted that the AA correspondent, following a question about the visit of the UN secretary general’s special advisor to Cyprus, Jane Holl Lute, will visit New York in September, they will hold informal bilateral meetings. , they will talk about their views and facts. from Cyprus. Tatar said: “As in Geneva, the second Geneva talks (in April) do not seem likely.” Mentioned.

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Stating that a federation-based solution has been abandoned in Cyprus and that this model has not been successful for years, Tatar said: “We stand for two separate sovereign independent states living side by side, but we can cooperate from n ‘any way “. noted.

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