TRNC residents support two-state solution

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According to the written statement of the presidency, an opinion poll was carried out ahead of the Cypriot contacts which will be held next week in New York, United States.

The Presidency investigated the trends and expectations of the citizens of the TRNC regarding the Cyprus issue, with the opinion poll commissioned by the company Redboorder Research and Consultancy.

1010 people selected by random method participated in the research conducted by the company Redborder Research and Consultancy using the face-to-face interview technique.

According to the research, the majority approves the proposed solution based on two equally sovereign states.

49.2% of those polled said they supported the “two equal sovereign state solution” and 33.1% supported the “federation”.

11.3% of participants “connect to Turkey”, 4% “solution under the roof of the Republic of Cyprus”, 1% “confederation”, 1% “no idea / no answer” 0.4% ”have replied “none”.

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