Trump argued he was justified in Wuhan’s claims

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Former President Trump also participated in the discussions that have emerged recently among the American public and that the source of Kovid-19 is a laboratory in Wuhan. Trump made a written statement on the matter: “Now everyone comes to the point that I’m right when I say early that the source of Kovid-19 is Wuhan.” made his assessment. Again using the phrase “Chinese virus” for Kovid-19 in his statement, Trump argued that he was indicted that day for his statements on the matter, but was in fact cleared of this. question.
“From the start everything was clear to me, but as always I was criticized a lot. Now everyone is saying, “He was right”. Thank you. ”Using his statements, Trump once again accused China of being the source of the virus.

The US Wall Street Journal (WSJ) special news, which was based on a US intelligence report, raised discussions that the primary source of the Kovid-19 outbreak could be the Wuhan laboratory. In the report, according to the relevant US intelligence report, it was claimed that 3 researchers working at the Vuhan laboratory shortly before the outbreak spread in the city, fell ill with complaints similar to the symptoms of the virus. and seasonal flu and applied in hospital. The previous Trump administration had repeatedly blamed Beijing for the spread of the virus, and the U.S. intelligence report released late last year mentioned findings that it could have left the Wuhan lab. While the Chinese administration strongly denied the claims in question, a delegation from the World Health Organization announced that it had come to the conclusion that the claims that the virus had spread from the laboratory in question were unrealistic.

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