Tunisia prepares for the presidential system

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Speaking to United Arab Emirates (UAE) -based Sky News Arabia television, Huccam said the political system established in 2014 is no longer viable.

Recalling the period of former President Zineel Abidin Ben Ali, overthrown by the popular uprising in Tunisia during the Arab Spring process in 2011, Huccam said: “The system will not be a one-man regime, it will be a system. presidential. What Tunisia has suffered from is the one-man regime. ”Mentioned.

Stating that in the system that will be put in place in Tunisia, the authority will be counterbalanced by a counter-power and this power will be the Assembly, said Huccam: “Of course, this Assembly will not be the same as the previous one. he said.

Regarding the submission of the presidential system to a referendum, Huccam said: “This issue is starting to take shape and ideas are starting to take shape. The president will deliver a speech to the Tunisian people, addressing all aspects of the issue.” used his statements.


President Kays Said announced on July 25 that he had implemented Article 80 of the Constitution, which granted him extraordinary powers when the country was in danger.

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Said announced that he had suspended the work of the Assembly for 30 days, that the immunity of all MPs had been lifted, that he had impeached the Prime Minister and that he would appoint a new Prime Minister, and that ‘he was also appointed chief prosecutor for corruption cases.

While some sections of the country supported Said’s decision, the majority of parties in parliament said the president “violated the Constitution” with the decisions, and some sections described the process as an “attempted coup. constitutional ”.

Following the lifting of their immunity in Tunisia, some deputies were called to testify, some were taken into custody and house arrest warrants were issued for certain names, including senior officials.

Said said that after the one-month deadline expired, decisions over which he had extraordinary powers, including the suspension of the work of the Assembly, were extended “indefinitely”.

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